1. All consignments and documents carried by Elogistics Network Sdn Bhd ("Whallo") for delivery shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth by Whallo.
  2. The Sender is obligated to adhere to the terms and conditions in effect at the time of availing services from Whallo. In the event of any revisions to the terms and conditions, they shall be prominently available on or can be obtained directly from Whallo's team.


  1. The Sender warrants that the shipment does not contain any prohibited goods and has been appropriately packaged in accordance with Whallo's packaging guidelines.
  2. Whallo shall refuse to accept shipments that contain prohibited goods. Such prohibited goods include, but are not limited to, items listed below. The list of prohibited goods may be subject to periodic updates by Whallo, and the latest version can be accessed at
    1. Items that violate any statutory prohibitions, export, and import regulations, and/or customs laws of the countries of origin are strictly prohibited.
    2. Shipments that violate hazardous goods regulations, including but not limited to goods that are not fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
    3. Shipments that contain contents capable of causing detachment, injury, or infection to persons, or damage to the vehicle or property.
    4. Shipments that include cash or cash equivalents, precious metals, jewelry, precious stones, or other valuable items or securities are prohibited, unless expressly agreed upon by Whallo at its sole and absolute discretion or if the customer willingly assumes full liability for any potential risks.
    5. Shipments that contain weapons, firearms, imitation weapons, or any parts thereof are strictly prohibited.
  3. Whallo reserves the right to open and inspect the shipment without prior notice to the customer if it is deemed necessary for safety, security, customs, or regulatory purposes.
  4. Whallo shall not be held liable or responsible for the shipment of stolen, imitation, counterfeit, or illegal goods, including but not limited to phones, watches, luxury branded items, jewelry, etc.


  1. All shipments shall be delivered to the recipient’s address as stated on the consignment note, though not necessarily personally to a recipient named in person. Shipments to addresses with central mail departments shall be delivered to these departments.
  2. Whallo will make every reasonable effort to deliver the shipments according to its regular delivery schedule. However, Whallo shall not be held liable for any damage or loss caused by delays in delivery.
  3. In the event of an undeliverable shipment requiring return, the sender agrees to attach a corresponding return label as per Whallo's requirements.


  1. The Sender shall pay to Whallo the agreed-upon charges for the contracted services.
  2. All domestic and international shipments are subject to charges based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight (calculated as L x W x H / 5000), whichever is higher.
  3. All rates indicated are exclusive of taxes, customs duties, and fees. Any applicable taxes, customs duties, and fees shall be invoiced to the Sender and are payable by them."
  4. All invoices shall be due and payable by the Sender, without any deductions or set-offs, within the credit period granted by Whallo.
  5. In an event if the Sender fails to make payment for any outstanding amount, Whallo reserves the rights to suspend services, charge interest on overdue amounts, and take necessary actions to address the unpaid balance.
  6. In the event of a dispute regarding the actual weight or the calculation of volumetric weight, the customer must provide proof in the form of pictures or videos to Whallo within 7 days from the invoice date. However, the customer agrees that the decision made by Whallo shall be final and binding.


  1. Claims for lost shipments must be submitted by the customer within 14 days from the date the shipment was picked up by the courier.
  2. Claims for damaged shipments must be made in writing within 48 hours from the receipt of the parcel. Failure to provide timely notification may result in the forfeiture of any claim for compensation.
  3. Claims shall be limited to a single claim per shipment.
  4. The customer agrees to fully cooperate during the investigation process and provide any necessary documentation or evidence. The required supporting documents for the claim submission are as follows:
    1. Photo/video of the external packaging: The receiver is advised to record a video before unboxing the parcel if the external packaging shows damage or signs of tampering.
    2. Internal packaging: Pictures or videos capturing the packaging of the item.
    3. The content: Clear documentation of the damaged part.
    4. Commercial invoice of the declared items.
  5. Whallo shall not be held liable for any damages or losses that occur as a result of the sender's failure to comply with the packaging guidelines and safety requirements.
  6. Whallo shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage arising from circumstances including, but not limited to, natural disasters, war risks, acts of terrorism, nuclear damage, and others.
  7. Whallo shall not be liable for the loss or damage of original or official documents unless the customer willingly assumes the risk associated with posting such documents. Original or official documents include, but are not limited to, Malaysian Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Passport, Academic Certificate, Agreements, and legal documents.
  8. Whallo shall not be liable for items with fluctuating prices, wherein the item's value may vary based on market conditions, including but not limited to jewelry, antiques, paintings, drawings, and other items that lack a definitive price, as determined solely at the discretion of Whallo.